Tom Bosworth

I wasn't very good at sports at school as I've always been really thin and not very strong. The regular school sports, such as football and rugby just weren't for me, so athletics seemed a natural sport for me to be able to challenge myself and do my own thing. Race walking feels natural to me and as a young athlete it was a thrill to me to realise the more I trained, the better and faster I got, so I pushed myself more and more.

At 19 I qualified for my very first Team GB event and ended up winning a chance to go to university and train full time in my sport whilst studying.  A complete dream. I threw myself into Uni life and became the athletics team Vice Chairman for 2013.

Having now finished my education, I am in the position where I want to continue my dream of being the best ever British race walker.  I'm the current British No.1 over 20k and am the fastest man in British race walk history.  Race walking is a very historic event, and one that has seen British Olympic success in the past.  I am hoping to reclaim some of that international dominance and am happy following my performance at the 2015 World Athletics Championships in Beijing, where I finished in 24th place, that the training is paying off and I am delighted in my 6th place finish in a new British Record time at Rio 2016!  Bring on the London 2017 World Championships!


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